Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden



What is a biblical garden?

A biblical garden is a garden made up of entirely plants mentioned in the Bible, such as olives and figs, and plants with biblical names, such as Joseph’s Coat Croton and Bird of Paradise.

What are your hours?

The Biblical Botanical Garden is open Sunday-Thursday 10am-2pm, with additional hours Wednesday 7pm till dusk.

Why are you only open 10am-2pm?

The garden is opened and closed by our staff of greeters who generously volunteer their time in the garden. Because we are run primarily through volunteers, we have limited hours. Additionally, the garden has no artificial lighting, making it impossible for us to be open once the sun goes down.

Why are you only open June through September?

Many of our plants are native to the middle east and north Africa. They are used to a climate zone very different to the one Pittsburgh can offer them. Because of this, many of our plants snowbird October-May in our greenhouse located at Westview cemetery.

Is the garden/building accessible?

Both the garden and the building are accessible.

Can I bring a stroller/wheelchair?

Strollers and wheelchairs are welcome in the garden.

Do you have bathrooms?

While the garden itself does not have bathrooms, men’s, women’s, unisex, and family bathrooms are available inside the Rodef Shalom building.

Do you have a place to purchase food?

We do not offer a café. Candy and bottles of wine are available for sale at the Gift Corner. However, if this is not quite what you are looking for you are more than welcome to bring your own food and eat in the garden or ask one of our greeters for recommendations nearby.

Can I also tour the temple?

Yes. If you are arranging a private garden tour, a tour of the temple may also be scheduled by calling 412-621-6566. Individuals who are not part of a tour group who wish to enter the synagogue may due so as long as no other event is taking place.

Is the garden interior or exterior?

The garden is completely exterior. Please take weather into account when planning your trip.

Can I bring my dog?

Our current policy is ‘we do not have a dog policy; do not be the reason we make one.’ Well behaved dogs are welcome in the garden. We are not responsible if your dog consumes something in the garden that makes them ill.

Are you open when it is raining?

The Biblical Botanical Garden will close due to excessive rain, or thunder and lightning. Closures will be announced on our Facebook page. If you are unsure about whether we are closed or not, please call 412-621-6566.

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